Countryside Classroom - Connecting schools with food, farming and the natural environment

Growing Schools has been re-launched as Countryside Classroom, the largest ever partnership of organisations who are committed to helping children learn about food, farming and/or the natural environment.

It is the vision of Countryside Classroom that schools and teachers across the UK will embrace food, farming and the natural environment as essential components of a broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating them into day-to-day learning. As a result of this, every child will have the opportunity to learn about and experience these topics in diverse ways that are increasingly supported by experiences outside the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get funding for my school project?

There are many organisations that may be able to help you get funding for a school grounds project, community garden project or a sustainability project. Click here for more information


Where can I get guidance on health and safety issues?

Don’t be daunted by health and safety issues, there’s plenty of advice availalble. Click here to visit our health and safety pages.


How can I teach the National Curriculum out of doors ?

All National Curriculum subjects can be taught in the outdoor classroom. Go to Teaching resources where you can search a huge range materials (almost all of which are free) by curriculum subject and theme. Other websites with a particularly wide range of ideas include:

Garden Organic


Where can I get advice on developing my school grounds?


Learning through Landscapes is the National School Grounds Charity. They work with schools, early years settings, organisations and individuals across the country to help them improve and develop their grounds.

Making Ground
Managing and developing school grounds as an educational resource. A step-by-step guide produced by Lancashire County Council.

I'm a teacher, get me outside here
The 'emergency exit to outdoor learning' compiled by an outdoor-learning practitioner, with a section on school-grounds development.

Designing school grounds
Advice from the DES.

Involving children in school grounds development
Developing school grounds as a citizenship project.


The Growing Schools Gardens. Arrange a visit, and training in developing a school garden, visit one of the Growing Schools Gardens in London or Birmingham.


The Growing Schools Garden Website is full of inspiration and ideas for growing in schools.


The following are also useful case studies from the Growing Schools Case Study Library.

Buildings and Grounds
Eco Garden
Growing Food in Small Spaces
Growing Ideas
Petal Pushers
Sensory Spectacular
Using Partnerships
Creating a School Farm
School Grounds Development


Where can I get advice on growing fruit and vegetables?

Garden Organic is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food. The charity runs an extensive education programme and has many resources that can get you up and running with a school garden. Click here for information on their Organic Gardens For Schools programme.

The Royal Horticultural Society also runs an extensive education programme. The Campaign for School Gardening provides a wealth of information for schools, and registration is free. To find out how they can help you click here.


I have only limited space, how can I grow fruit and vegetables?

Container Growing You do not have to have a lot of space to grow fruit and vegetables and many schools with limited space have successful engaged their pupils in container growing. To download a factsheet click here

Windowsill Planting Make the most of the space available to you and brighten the outside of you school by planting on window sills. To download a factsheet click here.


I need advice on composting

For a downloadable guide click here.


I want to build a pond

Click here for a downloadable factsheet on pond building


I want to visit a city farm

To find a city farm near you click here