Countryside Classroom - Connecting schools with food, farming and the natural environment

Growing Schools has been re-launched as Countryside Classroom, the largest ever partnership of organisations who are committed to helping children learn about food, farming and/or the natural environment.

It is the vision of Countryside Classroom that schools and teachers across the UK will embrace food, farming and the natural environment as essential components of a broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating them into day-to-day learning. As a result of this, every child will have the opportunity to learn about and experience these topics in diverse ways that are increasingly supported by experiences outside the classroom.

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Making the Case

Government Programmes

Learning Outside the Classroom

The Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto states that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. A very diverse range of locations can be the setting for these experiences, and Growing Schools provides easy access to both places to visit and teaching resources covering all aspects of learning in the living environment including gardens, farms and nature reserves.

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Healthy Living

A healthy school is about creating happier, healthier children who do better in learning and in life. Has four core themes: personal, social and health education (PHSE), healthy eating, physical activity and emotional wellbeing. Growing Schools can particularly help with resources to support healthy eating including a wide range of information about food and farming, growing and cooking your own fruit and vegetables, and understanding such issues as animal welfare, organic systems and food miles.

Sustainable Development
A sustainable school prepares young people for a lifetime of sustainable living, through their teaching, their fabric and through the example of their day-to-day practices. Issues that matter to young people, from the state of the local park to global warming, are used as a context for learning across the curriculum so that learning in school is relevant and not abstract or disconnected. The school estate and its local area is used as a learning resource, so that pupils engage with real issues in real places among real people, as a regular part of their learning. Growing Schools has resources and other information that can particularly help with gateways focussing on Food and drink and Buildings and grounds. A stand-alone Growing Schools project, The Renewable World, provides a range of resources that can contribute to gateways on Energy and water, and Purchasing and waste.